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“Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.”
- Salvador Dalí


"Slytherclaws are almost always introverted, but don't often have difficulty in communicating with others. Slytherclaws are usually very good at articulating their thoughts and opinions. The sense of humour is complex enough to be called intelligent, and 'dark,' and, on occasion, delightfully cruel (and genuinely funny). Generally pleasant. Slow to anger, and their anger is cold. Don't piss these people off. They remember.

The Ravenclaw lends Slytherclaws a familiarity and ease with words; the Slytherin gives them a certain amount of...premeditation, for lack of a better word. Think the way snakes move, slowly. This hybrid is probably the least impulsive, and their words, if nothing else, reflect that. Usually.

Most Slytherclaws come equipped with a great deal of natural intelligence, and find stupidity personally insulting. They didn't have to work all that hard in school, and as a result their ambitions aren't quite as pronounced as they might be. Slytherclaws are intelligent and booksmart. They love knowledge, and they love putting it to use. (Their use.)

They are not shy, and I'd actually be surprised if one was thought to be. They're reserved, or distracted, or they don't really care about what you're saying and will shortly be leaving your inane presence. But rarely shy. Around people they don't know very well, they appear aloof, but around friends they relax a little. (The degree is different from person to person)

They're imaginative, creative, rational and logical, but not terribly practical, unless they have to be. They can seem absent-minded, because they're constantly thinking. They're quite good at thinking. They can tear apart arguments with ruthless precision; at their best, they can come out of a period of zoned-out to deliver a clear, analytical and rational opinion that leaves listeners reeling. (If they never do, then the reason they zoned out is because they don't care about you or what you said. Get over it.)

If a Slytherclaw is being polite to someone they don't like, it's probably being used as a weapon.

Slytherclaws may be socially astute - as in, they can see and comprehend the patterns and rules of interaction - but are terrible at understanding people. There are also Sneagles who are completely socially inept, and this is where you can get bluntness and a smirking lack of tact; some don't even know that they're being rude.

And, on a final note: there's a colorbar out there that I've loved since I first saw it, that goes something like "Slytherin means never having to say your sorry." Slytherclaw is to not even see why you should.

Selected Qualities: introverted, articulate, intelligent, selectively knowledgeable (with deep knowledge of their specific interests), aloof, creative, rational, precise, unrepentant, and eccentric.

Oh! And without moral preconceptions. Neither good, nor evil; Slytherclaws don't bother with either."

-Written by eyra

"If the Slytherin’s main concern is power, and the Ravenclaw’s main concern is the pursuit of knowledge, then the Slytherclaw’s mantra is “knowledge is power”. Slytherclaws, possessing both the moral ambiguity of Slytherin and the ability to think rationally and logically of Ravenclaw, can see every side of an argument and are adept at picking what works best for them.
Introverted people-watchers, Slytherclaws are reserved and observant. Do not mistake this for shyness or self-consciousness, as Slytherin self-awareness underpins the Ravenclaw desire to see and know all about the world around the Slytherclaw.

Slytherclaws are often associated with snark (of course, since we can claim Severus Snape as our HP mascot, and Dr Gregory House as one of our own), but this is only one facet of the Slytherclaw. In my mind there are two types of Slytherclaws; the snarky, blunt and some might say “abrasive” Slytherclaw, and a more diplomatic type. Both highly perceptive, highly intelligent and very witty, but it depends on the weighting of Slyther and Claw in the Slytherclaw’s personality makeup as to which side they will fall on.

A Slytherclaw weighted heavier on the Slytherin side will be more likely to amass a great deal of information about people, using this to their advantage and being able to achieve a great deal of social mobility due to their incisive nature, perception and the diplomatic tendencies that come from Slytherin. These Slytherclaws are capable of knowing what each person they speak to wants, and are adept at sussing out people. They can go straight to the crux of what makes a person and use that to their advantage, and this is what they are most interested in. Slytherclaws weighted more towards Slytherin are still more likely to be introverted than their Slytherdor or Slytherpuff counterparts, but they use the value of their connections with people more than Ravenclaw-weighted Slytherclaws, and spend more time with people. Watching them, seeing how the connections between people and organisations form, and using these to their advantage.

A Slytherclaw weighted heavier on the Ravenclaw side will be more likely to amass information about things, systems and secondarily people. They may not be interested in not offending people due to their snarky nature, and are more likely to spend their time in character assassination than social climbing. Their ambitions might focus on becoming known and powerful in a scientific area, where they don’t have to deal so much with those pesky people. Also adept at sussing out people, but using this knowledge and insight isn’t their highest priority. A Slytherclaw tending more to the Ravenclaw side will be more likely to spend time alone and be very introverted, preferring to use the inherent Slytherin self-awareness they possess to analyse themselves in relation to their goals and achievements, rather than to the people they are around. They excel in making connections between things and seeing how they fit into the world as a system, rather than with people."

-Written by luxleviathana


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